About "Who Is She in Egypt"

“Who is She in Egypt” is a database of distinguished Egyptian women experts. It provides Arabic and English profiles on outstanding Egyptian Women in their particular field. The database aims at raising awareness among the society that there are expert and competent Egyptian Women in all fields of life. It is designed to be a reference to organizations, researchers, activists, media practitioners and all the users who want to find an Egyptian woman expert in a particular field

In 2010, the Women and Memory Forum launched “Who is She in Egypt” based on the Danish Database of Female Experts that was established by the Danish Center for Information on Gender, Equality and Ethnicity (KVINFO) in 1995. Similar databases were established in Jordan “Who is She in Jordan” and in Lebanon “Who is She in Lebanon”.

“Who is She in Egypt” allows users to search for a specific person, or for specific areas of expertise. In each case, the database will generate a profile or profiles of female experts. At a glance, each profile contains information of the experts name, title and position, place of work and contact information, present and former working experience, areas of expertise, educational background, publications, and, when relevant, chairmanship and/or membership of boards and committees. The database is free of charge.

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Hend Salem



Hend Gomaa


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May Gahallah


Marwa Kabary