Who Is She

List of experts sorted alphabetically A-Z
Heba Barakat Specialist in Islamic Art and Cultural Documentation
Heba Farid Artist, researcher, curator, entrepeneur
Heba Handoussa Lead Author, National Human Development Report for Egypt
Heba Kotb Professor of Forensic Medicine at Cairo University, Specialist in Marital Relations
Heba Leheta Professor of Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture
Heba Nassar Professor of Economics
Heba Raouf Ezzat Professor of Political Theory
Hind Aboul Seoud Chairperson, The Egyptian Society for Population Studies and Reproductive Health
Hoda Badran Chairperson
Hoda Elsadda Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Hoda Onsi Emeritus Prof. Information Technology
Hoda Rashad Director and Research Professor
Horeya Megahed Professor of Political Science
Huda Lutfi Visual Artist
Ibtisam Bahei-Eldin Professor of Anatomy
Iman Al-Ayouty Senior Economist
Iman Bibars Regional Director for Ashoka Arab World
Iman Elmahallawi Professor of Engineering
Iman Soliman TAFL Instructor and Teacher Trainer
Inas Abdel Daïm Dean of Cairo Conservatory
Inas Abou-Youssef Associate Professor of Journalism
Intsar Saeed Lawyer, and Chairperson of Cairo Center for Development
Jacqueline Daoud Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Kamilia Amin Professor of Chemistry
Karima Kamal Editorial Consultant, journalist
Karima Mansour Founder, Director, Choreographer
Khadiga Gaafar Professor of Endocrinology
Laila Al Khawaga Professor of Economics
Laila El Baradei Professor of Public Administration
Laila Fikri Fouad University Professor and Consultant for Nuclear Engineering
Leila Ahmed Victor S. Thomas Professor of Divinity
Lina Attalah Co-founder and director
Loubna A. Youssef Professor and Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research, Cairo University
Loula Zaklama President and Managing Director, Rada Research and Public Relations Co.
Madiha El Safty Professor of Sociology
Madiha Emile Doss Professor of Philology