Who Is She

List of experts sorted alphabetically A-Z
Magda Kandil Executive Director and Director of Research
Magda Saad Eldin Professor of Art Criticism
Magy El-Halawany Dean of the International Academy for Media Sciences
Manal El-Hamamsy Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
Manal El-Sayed Professor of Agriculture
Manar Shorbagy Professor of Political Science
Marie Louis Bishara Fashion Designer and Partner, Bishara Group Industry
Marie-Thérèse Abdel-Messih Professor of Literature
Mariz Tadros Research Fellow
Marlene Anawati Development Expert and Consultant
Maya Morsy President of the National Council for Women in Egypt
Maysaa El Sayed Zaki Professor of Pathology
Mervat Abou Oaf Full Professor of Practice and Chair
Mervat Hatem Professor of Political Science
Mervat Tallawy Diplomat, Ambassador, Director General
Mirette Hanna Pianist
Miriam El Deeb Quality Assurance Coordinator
Mona Abaza Professor of Sociology
Mona Baker Professor Emerita of Translation Studies
Mona Ibrahim Ali Professor of Literature
Mona Mikhail Professor of Arabic Literature
Mona Zulficar Lawyer, Expert in International Law and Finance
Monal Abdel-Baki Assistant Professor of Economics
Monal Abdel-Baki Assistant Professor of Economics
Moshira Hassan Independent Environmental Consultant
Mozn Hassan Founder, Executive Director
Mulki Al-Sharmani Professor of Anthropology and Sociology
Nabila El-Sheikh Professor of Immunology and Microbiology
Nadia Abdel Wahab El-Afify Geriatrics Consultant
Nadia Kamel Writer and Film Director
Nadia Makary Girgis Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Nadia Wassef Business Management Executive
Nagla Rizk Professor of Economics
Nahla Mattar Music Composer, Associate Professor of Music
Naila Hamdy Chair of Department
Nasamat Abdel Kader Professor of Architecture