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Professor of Greco-Roman Archeology
Bahia Shaheen

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Alexandria University
Greco-Roman Archaeology


PhD, Greco-Roman Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University
M.A, Greco-Roman Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, 1983


Greco-Roman Archeology
Egyptian Civilization
Gender mainstreaming and Policy

Work history

Professor, Greco-Roman Archaeology department, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, 2004 - Present.
Gender Issues Expert.
Coordinator of "Euro-Mediterranean Research on Gender and Science"in Alexandria University.
Scientific Coordinator, Euro-Mediterranean Research on Gender and Science, Alexandria University.
Visiting Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, 2003-2005.
Honorary office and memberships: 
Member of Alexandria Governorate committee for ‘’GZOOR’’ programme under the supervision of the Ministry of Local Development.
Coordinator for several medical convoys conducted in many rural poor areas in Alexandria, in a joint collaboration between NCW-Alexandria Branch and Alexandria University, 2010/2011.
Member of Alexandria Committee of Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services.
Member of Union of Arab Historians.
Productions and works: 
An Introductory to Greco-Roman Archaeology, Book Archaeology of Aegean Sea and Italy, Book
Publications in national and international conferences: "Challenges for Research on Gender and Science, Final Conference of the Study "Meta-Analysis of Gender and Science Research", Brussels
"Polices towards gender equality in scientific research", Barchelona
She has over 5 books and 10 papers.


Nominated for the "Gender Mainstreaming Program", DANIDA Fellowship Center, 2009, Denmark.
Nominated for the International Visitor Leadership Program of the United States Departement of State "Leadership Development for Women",2005, Washington.