Fatima Naoot

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Personal information


Poet, Journalist, Translator, Editor, and Architect

Contact information (work)

Work email address: 


 B.Sc., Architecture, Ain Shams University, 1987.










Work history: 

Weekly Columnist in a number of local and international newspapers and magazines. 

Literary Translator 


Honorary office and memberships: 

 Member at the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers. 

Working Member at the Writers' Union of Egypt. 

 Member at the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists. 

Member at the Scottish Poetry Library.

Productions and works: 

 She has poetry collections published. The most recent are: 

  • Bastards Don't Listen to Music. El-Ain Publishing House, 2016. 
  • The Joy Maker. Merit Publishing House. 2012
  • My Name is Not Hard. Al Dar Press, 2009. 

She has published translations. The most recent are: 

  • Why We Love? The nature and Chemistry of Love. A Scientific Anthropological book on love by the American Helen Fisher. GEBO. 2012.
  • The Human Stain. A novel by the American writer Phillip Roth. GEBO. 2012.
  • The Sons of the Fifth Sun. A collection of poems by contemporary European and American poets. General Organization of Culture Palaces. 2010.

She has published critiques. The most recent are: 

  • Avoid the Friendship of  Sharbel Baieni. Essays in Literature. Sydney 2015.
  • Angels Land in Sydney. Arabic Heritage Revival Association. Sydney Publishings 2014.
  • The Singer and the Narrator. Literature critique essays. Ketab El-Youm (Book Today Organization). Cairo. 2009.