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Writer and Film Director
Nadia Kamel

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Diploma in Environmental Studies, Center of Environmental Studies, Cairo, Egypt
Post-Graduate Studies, Microbiology, National Centre for Agronomy, Cairo, Egypt
BA, Microbiology and Chemistry, Cairo University and Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt



Work history

Director, "The Green Mirage," Documentary (in progress), 2009-Present
Author, Yallah, with Naila Kamel, autobiography (in progress), 2008-Present
Director and Producer, "Salata Baladi (Salade Maison)," Documentary, 2002-2007 with Snooze Productions (Egypt), Les films d'ici (France) and venture film (Switzerland)
Script, "The Secret in the Well," Full-length feature film, Cairo, 2000-2002
Assistant Director, "Silence...We're Rolling," Directed by Youssef Chahine, 2001


Assistant directed for major Egyptian directors including Ateyat El Abnoudy, Youssef Chahine, and Yousri Nasrallah
Coordinated the International Ismailiya Festival for Documentary and Short Fiction Films, hosted by the National Film Board of Egypt and the Ministry of Culture, in 1991