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Independent Translator and Anthropologist
Seham Saneyya - Abd el Salam

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Graduate Diploma, Translation, Cairo University, 2007
MA, Social Anthropology, The American University in Cairo, 1998
Graduate Diploma, Art Criticism, Higher Institute of Art Criticism, Academy of Arts, 1985
Graduate Diploma, Industrial Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, 1977
BSc, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, 1972



Work history

Independent Translator, 1983-present
Independent Researcher, 1994-present
Medical Doctor, The Ministry of Health, 1972-1978
Transl. to Arabic, Suwar ma Ba'd al Kulunyaliyya: Dirasat fi Aflam Shamal Ifriqya (Postcolonial Images: Studies in North African Film), Cairo: Supreme Council of Culture, 2008
Transl. to Arabic, Al-Sinema al-'Arabiyya wa al-Ifriqiyya (Arab and African Filmmaking), Cairo: Supreme Council of Culture, 2003
Transl. to Arabic, Al-Hasaad: Thalath Sanawat Ba'd al-Khul': Dirasa Tahliliyya (The Harvest: Three Years After Khol': An Analytical Study), Cairo: Center for Education of Women on Legal Affairs, 2002
Transl. to Arabic, Al-Adab wa al-Nasawiyya (Literature and Feminism), Cairo: Supreme Council of Culture, 2002
Transl. to Arabic, 'Ala Hawaha... Aflam Tajribiyya liMokhrijat Nimsawiyyat' (As She Likes It: Experimental Films of Austrian Women), Cairo: Supreme Cultural Fund, 1994