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Gazbia Sirry

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Zamalek Art Gallery
11 Brazil Street, Zamalek


Post-graduate Study of Painting with Marcel Gromaire, Paris 1951; Rome, Italy 1952; Slade College , London University, U.K 1954/55
Fine Arts Diploma, (5 year Studies) High Institute of Art Education for Women,Cairo 1948
Diploma of Art Education, Cairo 1949



Work history

Formerly: Professor of Painting, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Cairo
Formerly: Professor of Painting, The American University in Cairo
Honorary office and memberships: 
Is a member of several associations, including: The London group 1954/55; The Egyptian Syndicate for Plastic Artists. Societe Des Amis d’Art; The Egyptian Society for Graphic Artists,
Association of Cairo Atelier for Writers and Artists; and The International Association of Art Critics (AICA), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA.
Productions and works: 
Has around seventy personal exhibitions to her name across the Arab World, Europe and the US


Is considered one of the most prominent Egyptian artists of the past fifty years.
Her works have been acquired by such sources as: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Modern Art Museums, Special Collection Cairo, and Alexandria, Egypt;
The Art & Science Museum Evansville, Indiana; The National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.; Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; and Musée D’Art Vivant, Tunis.
Her work has been mentioned in many references, including: Aime Azar: La Peinture Moderne en Egypte, Cairo 1961; Naim Attia: The Loving Eye, Cairo 1976;
Encyclopedie de la Peinture, Editions Robert, Paris 1976; Petit Larousse la Peinture, Paris 1979; Who Is Who for Women, U.K,Cambridge U.K, 1982;
Liliane Karnouk: Contemporary Egyptian Art, American University in Cairo Press 1995, and 2005 editions; as well as diverse articles in newspapers and magazines, and on several television appearances.
Has recieved national and international recognition of her work, including: Prize of Rome 1952; Honorary Prize, Venezia Biennale 1956; Honorary Prize for Creative Painting, Cairo 1957;
Second Prize (lithography) Alexandria Biennale 1959; First Prize (Painting) Alexandria Biennale 1963; First Prize, Salon du Caire 1960;
Fourth great Prize of International Contemporary Art, Monaco, 1968; State Prize and Order of Sciences and Arts of First Degree, 1970. Prize of Cairo Opera for Quadruple Tapestry Design, 1990;
and the State Merit Prize, 1999
Has been awarded several fellowships, including: Prize of Rome Fellowship for postgraduate studies in Italy, 1952; University of London Fellowship 1954/55;
State Fellowships for creative artists, 1962-66, 1969-71; and Huntington Hartford’s Foundation, Los Angeles, U.S.A, 1965