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Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Nadia Makary Girgis

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Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Science
Department of Statistics
Department of Statistics, Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Giza


University of California at Berkley (Ph.D.: 1966)
University of California at Berkley (M.A.: 1963)
Cairo University (B.Sc. : 1959)


Stochastic Models in Operations Research
Applied Statistical Research
Manpower Projections - Education: Planning and Efficiency
National Planning

Work history

Has taught at Cairo University, the American University in Cairo, and University of Wisconsin (USA)
Research Project: ILO/UNDP; Creative Associates, Washington D.C (USA); World Bank; USAID, Cairo.
Has worked as consultant in: The Ministry of Education (Egypt); The Computer Center (AUC); The Institute of National Planning in Cairo, and The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Stat., Cairo.
Productions and works: 
Has several publications to her name, including:
"Investors and Workers in the Western Desert of Egypt: An Exploratory Survey", Cairo Papers in Social Sciences, Vol. 15 Monograph 3, Fall 1992 (Co-authors: Sherbiney, N.A. and Cole, D.P.)
"Optional Cash Balance Levels", Management Science, Vol. 25, No. 3, Nov. 1968
"Manpower Projections for Planning Education and Training" Proceedings of the Egyptian Economists Conference, Cairo, March 1980 (Co-authors: Clatanoff, W.B., and Ismail, M.)