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Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Omaima Abou Bakr

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Cairo University
English Language and Literature


PhD, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 1987.
MA, North Carolina State University, USA, 1981.
BA, Cairo University, Egypt, 1978.


Medieval Comparative Literature
Islamic Feminism
East-West cross-cultural relations and historical interaction
Female spirituality

Work history

Teaching experience at Cairo University since 1987: undergraduate & graduate courses in poetry, literary criticism, comparative literature, and feminist theories.
Attended and participated in numerous conferences and symposiums locally,
regionally, and internationally—and invited to give seminars—on cross-cultural issues and comparative literature, women’s history in medieval Islam, gender issues in the Islamic and Arabic tradition, and cultural history of women in Islam.
Founding member of The Women and Memory Forum (Egyptian NGO & Research Center) since 1996. Experience in conducting research projects, preparing publications, organizing conferences and symposiums, and coordinating gender education workshops.
Honorary office and memberships: 
Editorial Board member of IJMES (2010-2012).
Advisory Board member of Center for Epistemological Studies—Cairo.
Editorial Advisor of Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics.
Productions and works: 
Has more than 25 publications in English, including (the latest): “Islamic Feminism and the Equivocation of Political Engagement: ‘Fair is Foul,
and Foul is Fair.’” In Rethinking Gender in Revolutions and Resistance: Lessons from the Arab World. Eds. Maha El Said, Lena Meari, & Nicola Pratt. UK: Zed Books, 2015.
Has more than 20 publications in Arabic, including (the latest): “Min wahy al-hadatha al-mumkinah,” (The ‘Past’ and the Colonial Discourse in Literary and Historical CrIticism), in al-Mandil al-ma’qud (Studies in the Works of Radwa Ashour).
Cairo: Dar al-Shorouq, 2017.
She has a number of translations from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English.