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Research Chief, Post-harvest Pathologist, Gender Research Specialist
Saneya El-Neshawy

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Contact information / Work

Plant Pathology Research Institute
9 Gamaa St.


Research Chief and Head of the Department of Post harvest Pathology (included), PPRI- ARC 12619, Giza/ Egypt (1999-present). Post Doctorate Biological control of Fruits and Vegetables, United State Department of Agricultural (USDA),
West Virginia State (WV) (1992 -1993). Post Doctorate Modified / Controlled Atmosphere Storage & Mycotoxin Determination in fruits and Seeds, University of California/Davis, USA (1990).
Ph.D., Agricultural Science, Ain Shams University with North Dakota State University and University of California Davis, USA. 1987
M.Sc., Agricultural Science, Ain Shams University, 1981.
B.Sc., Agricultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, 1972.


Plant pathology
Agricultural Science
Gender Studies

Work history

Chief Research, Department of Post-Harvest Diseases.
Chief Researcher (Professor) and Post Harvest Pathologist in the Agricultural Research Center. 1999-2006
Head of the Department of Post Harvest Diseases, ARC.
Senior Researcher, Post Harvest Pathologist, Department of Post Harvest Diseases, ARC.
Honorary office and memberships: 
Member, the Egyptian Pathological Society. 1989-Present.
Member, the Arab Society for Plant Protection. 1991-Present.
Productions and works: 
Principal Investigator of the project No. 736 entitled: “Evaluation of the efficacy of fungicides to control post Harvest diseases of fruits and vegetables financed by Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (at present).
Principal Investigator(Partner): Biotechnology- based production of high quality Sweet potato for export,
Implemented by the Midwest universities Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA) funded by the United Stated Agency for International Development (UA‎SAID), USA, 2004-2006
Principal Investigator of GRACE-MENA Project of Gender Research in Africa into ICTs [information and communication technologies] for Empowerment,
(How can ICTs be used to assist female land owners in Egypt become active farmers on their land, 2008- present), http://www.grace-network.net
Arab Women in Academic Science and Technology: Towards Sustainable Development, organized by Jordon University for Science and technology (JUST) and Third world organization for Women in Science (TWOWS). 28-30 April, 2008 Ministerial Decree No. 501/2008
The first workshop of GRACE-MENA , Aden University/Yemen, Ministerial Decree No. 1223 (2008) The second International Conference of Women in Science and Technology University of Aden, Republic of Yemen, Ministerial Decree No. 1663 (2009).


Reviewer of articles in the area of Post Harvest for the Journal of Plant Protection published by the Arab Society for Plant Protection,
Award of membership of the American Association of Advancement in Science “AAAS” / 1998
Focal Point of Egypt in the Arab region related to the Third World Organization f Women in Science (TWOWS) C/O The Academy of Science for the Development World (TWAS), Oct.2007
Reviewer of articles in the area of Post harvest for the Journal of Plant Protection published by the Arab Society for Plant Protection, Dec., 2007
Awarded the Prize of the “Successful Innovation Contest in Knowledge Sharing in Agricultural and Rural Development in the MENA Region” (AARINENA)
Invited to participate on “the 2014 Nominations Committee to select candidates for election to the OWSD Executive Board at the General Assembly” for Arab State, Online meetings